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About us

Zebralátky is a new place that was created as an extension of our original brand Zebrapatchwork - the first e-shop that brought to Slovakia quality foreign design fabrics and aids from global manufacturers, as well as a new approach to Patchwork techniques.



Zebrapatchwork originated as an idea in 2008 at a time when our founder Denisa decided to change the general belief that creative activity cannot be nourished and can only be created as someone has already tried and according to precisely defined rules.

She has been creating since she was a child and creativity is an integral part of it - if you are around her, you will definitely find a bunch of fabrics, cottons or yarn somewhere.

The whole idea for Zebrapatchwork became clear the moment she sewed her first pillow with the patchwork technique from quality fabrics - and she was enchanted. When trying to buy other beautiful fabrics of comparable quality, she found that the choice is really limited.

A quick reflection on the trade in fabrics brought the realization that renting a commercial space in Bratislava is nothing she could afford, so she decided to start shopping on the Internet - it was 2008 and shopping on the Internet - and there were no substances at all as common and obvious as today.

And why ZEBRA? There are no two identical zebras in the world, each one is original as it has striped stripes on the body - and yet they look the same. It's similar to drawing a human thumb, each owning an original.

This is also true for sewing and patchwork. Even if everyone sews the same thing, it will always be original - each of us will add something of our own there. It may be similar, but it's always different.

Zebrapatchwork grew very quickly - from her living room to the first stone shop in Ružinov, where a diverse creative community was created through regular courses and "Zebrince".

Three years later, Denise's long-held dream of a "Creative House" came true, which became a permanent home for fabrics. It is our studio and at the same time a place where you will find all the beautiful fabrics, wool, sewing machines and tools you need for creative creation.

We have hundreds of successful joint and individual projects and finished works. And around them creative people who thrive and create beautifully. A community you trust.

After more than a decade, we decided to create a new creative space under the name ZEBRA for everyone who likes to sew, knit, crochet, weave, paint, or otherwise create - or would just like to start.

However, our values ​​remain the same: we focus on quality and durable materials, a personal approach and building a creative community, full of creative personalities without distinctions and prejudices. With us, everyone can find their own way to create. And of course, beautiful fabrics made of 100% cotton.



Our Creative House at Makovického 3 in Bratislava continues to be a place for our ever-growing community for workshops, regular Zebrince for creating joint projects, cooperation with Slovak designers, a studio for painting and creating with children. It is a place where everyone is welcome. We will be happy to make you a cup of coffee or tea and advise you on fabrics, waves, sewing techniques and patchwork or how to combine colors.